Die Madagaskar-Kollektion

Diese Kollektion in limitierter Auflage unterstützt unser bisher größtes Pflanzprojekt – wir setzen uns gemeinsam mit dir für die Aufforstung der afrikanischen Insel ein.

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Madagascar and You

A Madagascar collection t-shirt.

Your Impact in Graphic Detail

The Madagascar Collection features the mangrove tree: a tree integral to Madagascar. The circular text showcases the geographic coordinates to our Mahabana planting site.

Where You Plant in Madagascar

tentree’s largest planting sites are in Madagascar. This collection will help plant trees in Mahabana, a village off the northeastern coast of the island.

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You've Planted Over 23 Million Trees

The mangroves we plant in Madagascar are crucial to both the environment and local communities. They fortify coastlines, protect wildlife habitats, provide stable employment, and uplift struggling families.

Meet Mama Nata

Mama Nata was one of tentree's first tree-planters in Mahabana. With the money she saved, she now runs a local convenience store while planting trees part-time. The funds from the store puts her daughter through school, and the funds from tree-planting support herself and her husband.

An image of Mama Nata, a local merchant and tree-planter in Mahabana.
A small tree image.


Anzahl der bisher gepflanzten Bäume